Colourful farm gardens...

Throughout the seasons, you can observe the display fields with their historic crops and a herb garden with over 130 medicinal plants.


Display fields

The path between Hippenseppenhof and Vogtsbauernhof passes through the museums display fields, where historic types of crops can be seen growing. Here you can learn to identify club wheat, emmer wheat, one-grained spelt, spelt wheat and rye. Plants used for cloth-making are also planted here, such as flax and hemp, which are beginning to be used again today more and more.


Farm garden

Every house in the Black Forest Open Air Museum possesses a splendid farm garden, which serves as kitchen garden and for decoration at the same time. The museum has tried to include as many vegetables, herbs, salads and flowers as possible. Older types of vegetables, such as parsnip, orache, mangel-wurzel and kale have also been planted. 


Medical herb garden

Behind the Vogtsbauernhof, there are over 130 kinds of healing herbs growing in the herb garden, which is divided into seven beds, each one representing a different area of application: digestion; dehydration; circulation; nerves; injuries; skin diseases; colds. There is a guide to the herb garden which describes 48 of the gardens herbs and the history of herbal healing.