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The Black Forest Open Air Museum is a forum for the entire Black Forest region. It carries out research projects and explores the cultural heritage and development of all rural areas in the Black Forest region. In addition, the museum collects and preserves for the future important cultural assets from the region to ensure that the people of the region and visitors can access and experience these collections. In this way, the Open Air Museum contributes to the promotion and preservation of the region's cultural identity.


On Road B 33, between Hausach and Gutach / Schwarzwaldbahn

Governing authority

County of Ortenau


12 acres


  • 1964, founded as the first open air museum in Baden-Württemberg.


  • 1963 Foundation of the museum and beginning of restoration of Vogtsbauernhof farmstead
  • 1964 Opening of Vogtsbauernhof farmstead and its outbuildings as a museum
  • 1966 Opening of Hippenseppenhof farmstead and its outbuildings
  • 1972 Opening of Lorenzenhof farmstead
  • 1980 Opening of Hotzenwald farmstead
  • 1982 Opening of Schauinsland farmstead
  • 1996 Museum is transformed into an enterprise
  • 1999 Opening of Falkenhof farmstead
  • 2002 Opening of day labourer's cottage "Wirtstonis"
  • 2006 Opening of the new Reception building
  • 2010 Opening of the new Adventure playground
  • 2014 Opening of the station "Gutach Freilichtmuseum"
  • 2017 Opening of the Hermann-Schilli House


The only museum that collects important cultural assets of all Black Forest region: 

  • Six impressive, fully furnished Black Forest farm houses built from the 16th to the 19th century, representing the typical architecture of their area of origin
  • Exhibitions in the farm houses highlight special features such as weaving, clock-making, and straw-plaiting
  • Outbuildings used as storehouses, mills, saw-mills, hemp presses
  • Collection of furniture, traditional costumes, articles for daily use, tools, and mechanic devices from the 17th to the 20th century
  • Old breeds of cattle and pigs in the stalls of the Falkenhof farmstead
  • Events: Annual special exhibitions, regular demonstrations of old crafts, bread baking and preparation of regional pastries, guided tours, folklore demonstrations

Visitors / Significance

With more than 220.000 visitors during its seven-month season, the museum is one of the most visited open-air museums in Germany and throughout Europe. The museum is a very important tourist attraction in the Black Forest. Since its opening, the museum has attracted over 15.6 million visitors.

Origin of visitors

  • 70% from Germany
  • 30% from foreign countries (Netherlands, USA, France, Italy, Spain, Israel)

Number of employees

year-round: 13, during season: 50


Schwarzwälder Freilichtmuseum Vogtsbauernhof 
D-77793 Gutach 
Phone: +49-(0)7831-93560 
Fax: +49-(0)7831-935629 

Visitor Service
Sonja Jacob, Astride Lehmann, Conny Ranosch, Marion Riehle, Claudia Schmid, Klaus Weber
Phone: +49-(0)7831-93560 

Director, Marketing and Communication:       
Margit Langer
Phone: +49-(0)7831-9356-0

Science and Education Department:       
Thomas Hafen M.A.
Phone: +49-(0)7831-9656-13