Learning experiences for kindergarten kids

With the Museum's special educational programme for pre-school children, the youngest of our visitors experience in a lively and playful manner how people used to live in the Black Forest. 

The joy of climbing

From the deepest cellar up to the highest loft, our little museum guestsclimb right through a large old Black Forest house.

Climbingallowed: right through mighty old Falkenhof. Over creaky floors and aroundgloomy corners. Our little guests check out rooms visitors usually don’t get tosee and ascend steep staircases normally closed to public. But on this tour,entering is expressly allowed. All doors, gates and shacks are open to ourclimbing kids. They just have to be very careful – and at times quite brave too.

Duration: 75 minutes
Participants: min. 12, max. 20
Age: from the age of five
Languages: German, English, French
Price: 3.50 € p.p. (german) / 4.00 € p.p. (english, french)

All creatures great and small

Blind cow, stupid hen and poor pig – old and new children’s games promise a whole load of fun

Just as they were so important on the farm in the past, today it’s all about the animals. First, the real ones: horses, cows, goats, pigs, sheep, geese, chickens. And then a few which aren’t really animals at all: the blind cow on the meadow, the busy bee inviting us to a food dance, and the wooden chicken that is so good at standing in the way, you will need a lot of skill to get past her with your wheelbarrow.

Participants: min. 12, max. 20
Age: from the age of four
Languages: German, English, French
Price: 4.50 € p.p. (german) / 5.00 € p.p. (english, french)